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Law and Economics

Here is the list of speakers and titles of papers for the session: Law and Economics.

1. Law and Economics: Torts and Courts

Session Chair: Jennifer Reinganum

  • Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum (Vanderbilt University): "Secrecy and Safety"
  • Kathryn Spier (Northwestern University): "Manufacturer Liability from Harm Caused by Consumers to Others", (with Bruce Hay, Harvard University)

  • Lewis Kornhauser (New York University): "Appeals Mechanism, Litigant Selection, and the Structure of Judicial Hierarchies", (with Charles Cameron, Columbia University)

2. Law and Economics: Government Policy Towards Corporations

Session Chair: Andrew Daughety

  • Tracy Lewis (Duke University): "The Role of Breakup Fees, Stock Lockups and Toeholds in Takeover Contests", (with Yeon-Koo Che, University of Wisconsin)
  • Daniel Rubinfeld (University of California, Berkeley): "Remedies for Overcharges: The Deadweight Loss of Coupons and Discounts", (with A. Mitchell Polinsky, Stanford University)
  • Eric Talley (University of Southern California): "On Empowering Shareholders"