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Optimal Tax Policy and Economic Growth

Here is the list of speakers and their papers for the session Optimal Tax Policy and Economic Growth

Optimal Taxation Theory

  • Leslie J. Reinhorn (University of Durham): "Optimal Taxation with Monopolistic Competition"
  • Amedeo Spadaro (Universitat de les Illes Balears) :"Government Beliefs about Individual Preferences: An Application of the Optimal Tax Inverse Problem" (with Francois Bourguignon, DELTA and World Bank)
  • Bjørn Sandvik (University of Bergen):"Optimal Taxation and Normalizations"

Income Distribution and Taxation

  • Kjell Erik Lommerud (University of Bergen):"Good Jobs, Bad Jobs and Redistribution" (with Bjørn Sandvik, University of Bergen, and Odd Rune Straume, University of Bergen)
  • Daniel Haile (Tillburg University) :"Inequality, Sub-optimal Taxation and Economic Growth" (with Lex Meijdam, Tillburg University)
  • Cecilia Garcia-Penalosa C. (GREQAM):"Redistribution and Occupational Choice in a Schumpeterian Growth Model" (with Jean-Francois Wen, University of Calgary)

Externalities, Economic Efficiency, and Optimal Taxation

  • Firouz Gahvari (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) :"Tax Reform versus Tax Design in the Presence of Consumption and Production Externalities (with Application to France)" (with Helmuth Cremer, University of Toulouse, and Norbert Ladoux University of Toulouse).
  • Turnovsky S.J. and G. Monteiro:"Consumption Externalities, Production Externalities, and Efficient Capital Accumulation under Time Non-separable Preferences"
  • Jacquet L.:"Optimal Income Transfer Programs: The Role of Welfare Stigma and Fraud"

Fiscal Policy and Endogenous Growth

  • Hu Y. and Mino K.:"Fiscal Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with Home Production"
  • Semmler W. and Gang Gong:"Endogenous Growth and Public Investment"
  • Zeng J.:"Allocation of Tax Revenues and Growth Effects of Taxation"

International and Regional Growth

  • Palomba G.:"Capital Taxation and Accumulation in Open Economies"
  • Zou B.:"Bridging the Gap between Growth Theory and the New Economic Geography: The Spatial Ramsey Model"
  • Battarai K.:"Economic Growth: Models and Global Evidence"