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Taxation and Geography

Here is the list of speakers and titles of papers for the session: Taxation and Geography

Session Chair: Jaques Thisse

  • Philippe Martin (University of Paris I and CERAS): "Subsidies to Poor Regions and Inequalities: Some Unpleasant Arithmetic" (with Vincent Dupont, University of Lille)
  • Carl Gaigne' (Cesaer-INRA): "Regional Integration and Fiscal Federalism" (with Stephene Riou, University of Saint-Etienne)
  • Jaques Thisse (CORE, Catholic University of Louvain): "How to Tax Commodities when Producers are Footloose" (with Kristian Behrens, LEG and University of Bourgogne, Jonathan H. Hamilton, University of Florida, Giammarco Ottaviano, University of Bologna and FEEM)