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This paper originally appeared as Cowles Discussion Paper No.657 (1982c), which is listed at Copies of the original CFDP are available from Myrna Wooders or the Cowles Foundation Library. The nonemptiness result in this paper is published in Shubik and Wooders (1986). The results reported in the current version of the paper are identical to those in the 1982 Discussion Paper and include the results on convergence of approximate cores to equaltreatment cores. We have updated references and revised and shortened some of the exposition. Also, proofs from Wooders (1979,1980b), available elsewhere (cf. Wooders (1992a,1994) or the original papers), have been removed. The pdf does not look good on screen, at least not on mine, but prints fine.

Clubs, Markets, and Near-Market Games
by Martin Shubik and Myrna Wooders
Topics in Game Theory and Mathematical Economics;
Essays in Honor of Robert J. Aumann,

ed. M.H. Wooders, Field Institute Communication Volume, American Mathematical Society.