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Errata. The best way to find a typo in a paper is to make 100 copies; then the typos leap out at you and laugh! The worst time for page proofs to arrive is right before the Holiday Season in December, when both co-authors are about to travel to far away places. The very worst time to find a typo is after the paper is published! Fortunately, no serious typos leap out, but I’ve found a few. If you find any, please do drop me a note! I would appreciate it.

In footnote 15, page 279, the citations should be Wooders [38] and Scotchmer and Wooders [30] (which, by the way, is on-line on my web pages).

In footnote 18, Wooders [35,40] should be Wooders [36,40].

One dislikes attributing results to papers that are not in the particular papers cited.