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As of August 4th, 2021 Alessandro Scopelliti is no longer a current member of the department

Curriculum Vitae

Contact details

Telephone: +44 24 765 28358

Room: S0.83

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Research Interests

Empirical Banking, Monetary Policy and Bank Lending, Financial Regulation and Supervision, SME Finance, Economics of European Integration

Advisors: Prof. Mark P. Taylor , Prof. Michael McMahon and Dr. Juan Carlos Gozzi-Valdez

Work Experience

European Central Bank

Economist, DG-Monetary Policy, Monetary Analysis Division, Oct 2018 - present

Graduate Programme Participant, Sept 2016 - Sept 2018 (2nd year: European Systemic Risk Board; 1st year: DG-Market Operations)

International Monetary Fund

PhD Internship in the Middle East and Central Asia Dept., Regional Studies Div., Aug-Nov 2014

Bank of England

PhD Internship in the Financial Stability Dept., Financial Institutions Div., July-Sept 2012

European Central Bank

PhD Internship in the DG-Financial Stability, Financial Services Policy Div., July 2011 - March 2012

University of Reggio Calabria

Lecturer in Economics, Department of Law and Economics, May 2010 - May 2016

1. Current Research: Empirical Banking, Financial Regulation, Credit

Working Papers

"Rules and Discretion(s) in Prudential Regulation and Supervision: Evidence from EU Banks in the Run-Up to the Crisis" (with Angela Maddaloni)

"How does Bank Competition Affect Solvency, Liquidity and Credit Risk?" (with Raja Almarzoqi and Sami Ben Naceur), IMF Working Paper No. 15/210

"Securitisation, Bank Capital and Financial Regulation: Evidence from European Banks"

‚ÄúSecuritisation and Funding Decisions of Euro Area Banks: the Role of Monetary Policy Measures and Collateral‚ÄĚ

Work in Progress

"Bank Credit and Market-based Finance for Corporates: the Effects of Minibond Issuances in Italy" (with Steven Ongena, Sara Pinoli and Paola Rossi)

"Bank Off-Balance Sheet Exposures and Credit Supply: Evidence from US Commercial Banks"

"Bank Funding Costs and Lending Price: Evidence from Public Support Measures to the UK Banking System"

Research Bulletin Articles

"Prudential Regulation, National Differences and Banking Stability" (with Angela Maddaloni), ECB Research Bulletin Article, No. 58, May 2019

Book Chapters

"Prudential Regulation, National Differences and Stability of EU Banks" (with Angela Maddaloni), in (ed.) Ulbrich J., Hedrick C. C. and Balling M. (2016), The SSM at 1, SUERF Conference Proceedings 2016/3

"Securitisation and Risk Retention in European Banking: The Impact of Collateral and Prudential Rules", in (ed.) Balling M., Lierman F., Masciandaro D. and Quintyn M. (2014), Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europe, SUERF Study 2014/4

2. Previous Research: Competition and Economic Growth

Working Papers

"Competition Policy and Economic Growth in an Economy with Heterogeneous Industries"

"Competition and Economic Growth: an Empirical Analysis for a Panel of 20 OECD Countries"

"The Interaction between Antitrust and Intellectual Property: The Interoperability Issue in the Microsoft Europe Case", The Warwick Economics Research Paper Series, No. 924, 2010

Journal Articles

" Competition and Economic Growth: A Critical Survey of the Theoretical Literature", Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, Vol.11, pp.70-93, 2010