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As of October 6th, 2018 Alan Roe is no longer a current member of the department

Phone: ++44(0)24 7652 3483

Phone Oxford: ++ 44 (0)1865 207300

Room: S2.115
Retired from the University - now Director and Principal Economist at Oxford Policy Management (OPM) - teaching at Warwick on a limited Part-Time basis

Best contact E-mail

Research Interests
Mining - Social and Economic Impacts
  • Since 2005 I have led a team of researchers for the Resource Endowment Iniative (REi) of the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM). This initiative has so far genereted a Toolkit for better assessing the circumstances in which mining in poorer economies can be a positive force for economic growth and development and when it may be a potential "resource curse"; and a series of case studies applying the analytical ideas to selected economies namely Chile, Peru, Ghana and Tanzania
  • A 2008 addition to this work has been a comprehensive literature review and assessment of the various different ways of taxing Mineral activity around the world. The results of this study were published in May 2009 jointly by ICMM and the Commonwealth Secretariat with a high profile launch held at Marlborough House in London
Financial Sector Reform
  • Current work on the design of a Technical Assistance Roadmap to suport the efforts of the State Bank of Vietnam in refoming its banking sector. Includes a programme to build a more substantial and internationally compliant regulatiory and supervisory system
  • Work on the strategy for the longer term development of the banking sector in Kenya in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kenya and the Kenya Treasury
Financial Sector Access
  • Current work on the measurement of financial access (of poorer and more remote populations) to financial services inlcuding two synthesis papers for the World Savings Bank Institute
The Economics of Development and Transition
  • Earlier theoretical and practical work on Financial Sector Reform in the Former Soviet Union including some applications of information theory to such reform
  • Earlier theoretical and practical research into financial sector liberalization and reform in African and other developing country contexts including the various different approaches to conducting monetary policy
  • Earlier work on the processes of industrial restructuring in the context of liberalisation programmes in middle-income LDCs; on the role and consequences of financial sector reforms in stabilisation/liberalisation programmes; and on economic adjustment and its consequences for poverty target groups.