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Bingsong Wang


Curriculum Vitae

Contact details


Email: B dot Wang dot 9 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S1.135

Office Hours:

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Teaching Fellow

Research Interests

  • Primary Fields: Macro-Labour, Business Cycles
  • Secondary Fields: Macro-Finance, International Macroeconomics


Endogenous Real Wage Rigidity in a Search Frictions Model (with Chris Martin), Oxford Economic Papers, ´╗┐June 2018.

Working Papers

The Unemployment Volatility Puzzle: is Strategic Wage Bargaining the Answer?

Unemployment Volatility in a Behavioural Search Model (with Chris Martin)

Search, Shirking and Labour Market Volatility (with Chris Martin)

Work in Progress

Risk Premium, Consumption and Unemployment

The Effects of Productivity and Job Matching Shocks in a Changing World (with Michael Ellington and Chris Martin)

Wages, Inflation and Business Cycles

The Importance of Job Vacancy Filling Rate in Labour Market Volatility

Asymmetric Business Cycles (with Chris Martin)

Old Work

Search Frictions, Efficieny Wages and Equilibrium Unemployment (with Chris Martin), Review of Economic Analysis, 2018, Vol 10, No 1.

Teaching/Unit Evaluations 2017-2018

EC108 Macroeconomics (4.55/5)

EC123 Mathematical Techniques B (4.63/5)

EC124 Statistical Techniques B (4.43/5)

EC331 Research in Applied Economics (4.29/5)