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Stata course

  Name Description File Size Last Updated
Commands Table Summary table with basic commands (70 KB) 28/09/18
Data file Data file for exercise sheet 1 (1.3 MB) 28/09/18
Exercise sheet 1 Exercises for Diploma Intro to Stata (11 KB) 28/09/18
Slides 1 Intro, files extensions, types of variables, importing data, exploratory analysis (1.3 MB) 28/09/18
Slides 2 Loops, subsets, merging, appending, plots, basic regression (1.1 MB) 28/09/18
Stata exercises DO file (4 KB) 04/10/18
Stata exercises LOG file Everything that happened on your terminal screen (output of your commands as shown on Stata) (29 KB) 04/10/18