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Francesco Squintani

Miscellaneous Material

A page of random links to scientific articles, teaching material, research ideas and non-academic output.

1. The Role of Theory in Field Experiments (D. Card, S. DellaVigna and U. Malmendier, JEP 2011).
This article makes justice to the point that theoretical analysis and experiments (including field experiments) are complementary and not substitute approaches in economic research and social sciences in general.

2. “Effetto Brexit sul Regno Unito” (2016),, 26/07/2016.

This is my first non-academic article, and only one to date.

3. Notes on Non-Cooperative Game Theory (2000).

Largely based on the books by Fudenberg and Tirole and by Van Damme, these are my handout notes for the game theory course I taught as an Assistant Professor in Rochester.