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Terry Cheng

Name: Hui-Pei (Terry) Cheng

Office: S2.135

Advice and Feedback Hours (term 1): 1600-1800 on Thursday at S2.135; 1700-1800 on Wednesday at S0.95 (EC121 students only).

Email address: (prefer);

Research Interest: Labour Economics, Political Economcis, Crime Economics

Working Paper

coming soon

Work in Progress

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coming soon

Teaching 17/18 18/19

EC121 (Module leader)


EC902 Stata Code PS4 PS5 PS7

EC976 Stata Data   Stata Exercise  Hw1 Hw2 Hw3 Hw4 Hw_TS1 HW_TS2 HW_TS3

EC331 Seminar1 Seminar2 Seminar3(week6)

Teaching 17/18


EC202 Study Skill Session; EC226 Study Skill Session


EC331 Stata Workshop: Slides, Stata Code, Election Data 1, Election Data 2, Election Data 3, Election Data 4