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EC108 Macroeconomics I

Module information

The course info is locate here. Lecture notes, problem sets and other material can be accessed here (restricted access).

Teaching Material

For 2015-2016

  • Handout for ps1 (PDF Document)
  • Spreadsheet for problem set 3 (inflation) (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Handout for ps2: Solow simulations (PDF Document) (source for simulation + graphs) (Postscript file)
  • Spreadsheet for Solow model (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Spreadsheet for potential output (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Handout for ps3 (cpi) (PDF Document)
  • Slides for problem set 5 (PDF Document)
  • Graphs for problem set 10 (PDF Document)
  • Graphs for problem set 11 (PDF Document)

Old stuff

  • Handout for Problem Set 1 (PDF Document)
  • Get-rich-quick scheme (PDF Document)
  • Handout on unemployment dynamics (PDF Document)
  • Machinary rental problem - from Problem Set on Investment (PDF Document)
  • Debt Dynamics (revised Feb 2013!) spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Review Seminar 1 May 2014 (for weeks 32/33) (PDF Document) . Suggested solutions (for reference only!) (PDF Document)
  • Review Seminar 2 May 2015 (for weeks 32/33) (PDF Document). Suggested solutions (PDF Document)