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Warwick Internship Scheme for Economists


The Department’s graduates are highly sought after in the labour market. The Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) results for 2016/17 survey had xx% of students had positive outcomes and of those in employment yy% were in a graduate job; Warwick was ranked fifth in the Longitudinal Educational Outcomes tables five years after graduation and second in the Economist league table of value added.

We are proud of our graduates’ achievements but in an increasingly competitive graduate employment market we are not complacent. We continue to increase the opportunities for our students to develop and enhance their skills and capabilities through the curriculum and the delivery of teaching and learning. Communication of the importance of skills is also a key focus for the Department through initiatives like the Personal Development Module, the dissertation-based Research in Applied Economics module and through our collaborations with Warwick Student Careers and Skills.

In order for students to differentiate and distinguish themselves further, it can be advantageous to enhance skills over and above those directly associated with the degree syllabus. With this in mind, the Department has introduced the Warwick Internship Scheme for Economists (WISE), which aims to provide opportunities for our undergraduate and postgraduate students to further enhance their employability skills. Durring the academic year 2018/19 there will be up to 25 Internship scheme available.

These schemes will help you in gaining valuable skills for employment like: data handling and analysis, communication skills, report writing, event organisation, project management and IT skills. The interns employed through ths scheme will work with either academic members of staff or as part of the Professional services teams to support research, teaching, student experience and Department management activities. This is a great opportunity to add to your CV and gain an insight into how an academic department operates and how academic colleagues develop a research project.


All staff within the Department will have the opportunity to submit a proposal for an internship project, which can be related to teaching, research or other areas which will provide the opportunity for appropriate skills to be developed.

The procedure covers all projects as required throughout the academic year (in term time or in vacation periods).

Students enrolled on an undergraduate or MSc degree programme within the Department of Economics will be eligible to apply for internships that are advertised on the Departmental website. Each project wwithin the scheme ill have up to 100 hours of internship time allocated to it and successful candidates will arrange their hours in order to ensure the project is completed within the prescribed deadline (although no individual will be permitted to work more than 10 hours in any one week - for those students on Tier 4 visas indivduals must work hours such that they remain within the restrictions laid out be UKVI).



A project can be in any of the following areas:

  • Research projects with academic staff (e.g. assisting in qualitative and/or quantitative research (e.g. data entry, statistical data analysis, data cleaning, bibliographies, blog or site updates, summarising articles, literature review, data archive work)
  • Teaching projects with academic staff around supporting teaching provision (e.g. updating reading lists, seeking out and adding new material, developing question databases, discussing curriculum structure, reviewing technologies)
  • Administrative projects with administrative staff teams (e.g. IT, quality assurance, students experience, marketing) on specific projects.

All staff in the Department can submit a request for Student Internship via the online form providing information on the type of project, the hours required, the skills needed, the type of work involved and the period of employment.

The WISE Coordinators will liaise with the following staff to review all requests and decide which projects will be supported:

  • Teaching related requests – Director of Undergraduate/Postgraduate Studies
  • Research related requests – Director of Studies and HOD
  • Administrative related request – Department Administrator and HOD

A request can be submitted at any time of the year however staff should note that a formal advertising, shortlisting and interview process will be required as outlined below and will take approximately 8 weeks.

Application process

All internship opportunities avaiable to students will be advertised on the dedicated webpages: WISE Opportunities.

Students should apply online (including a CV and a covering letter detailing why they wish to apply). Please note that all positions have a closing date and any incomplete, late, or emailed applications will NOT be considered.

An initial shortlisting exercise will be undertaken by the WISE Co-ordinators and the highest ranked applications will be passed to the supervisor who will confirm which students will be invited for a 10 minute interview. The interview panel will comprise of the supervisor and WISE Co-ordinators.

The WISE Coordinators will arrange for brief feedback to be provided to students who are not shortlisted and to those who are unsuccessful at interview.

In selecting individuals for the positions the selection panel will use the following criteria:

  • A solid academic performance while at Warwick
  • Evidence of high level of engagement in your studies
  • Prior research and/or relevant experience to meet the responsibilities of the projects you are interested in
  • Good IT skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Further specific skills requirements will be listed for each specific project.


Prior to starting any work, each student must:

  • Complete the Diversity in the Workplace e-learning module:
  • Read the Department’s Health and Safety Procedure and confirm that they know how to apply it to their work via the online acknowledgement form:
  • Undertake any project specific training as identified by the supervisor e.g. Data Protection, Consumer Protection Law.

Employment and payment

The WISE Administrative Assistant will request that posts are set up via the Unitemps system. The hourly pay rate will be equivalent to FA4, spinal point XXX (currently £9.13 plus £1.10 holiday pay). Those students who have been appointed should register with Unitemps who will carry out the appropriate checks and issue the individual with a Unitemps contract.

Students should submit their timesheets via the Unitemps system on a weekly basis. The Department’s Administrative Assistant (Research) will liaise with the Supervisor to confirm the hours submitted, will approve the timesheet and keep a rolling record of hours worked to ensure the total hours allocated to the project are not exceeded.


At the end of the internship, all students should submit a 500-1000 report using the template provided to reflect on their learning and outline the work based skills they have gained. The report should be submitted to the WISE Coordinator within four weeks of completing the internship. The report will not be marked but will be forwarded to the student’s supervisor, project approver(s) and Personal Tutor for informatiion.