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If there are any questions on the classes or lectures, please drop me an email, or book an office hour slot on my webpage.

The past year's textbook is available here...(PDF Document)

Any additional materials which I feel will be useful will be posted here.. If you have any questions or comments on them, feel free to email me. The material here consists of some personal modifications to the lecturer's material, so if you find any mistakes, please do tell me as well.


Problem set 1: Material  

Problem set 2: Material  

Problem set 3: Material  

Problem set 4: Material   

Seminar 5: Material  

2017/2018 Archives

Problem set 1B: Material  

Problem set 2B: Material  

Problem set 3B/3A: Material (updated) 

Problem set 4B: Material  

Problem set 5A: Material  

Here is an external document I found which contains more information on the proofs about auctions in your notes (Especially the First Price Auction part).

2016/2017 Archives

Problem set 1B: Extra stuff.(PDF Document)

Problem set 2B: Extra stuff.(PDF Document)

Problem set 5B: Extra stuff.(PDF Document)