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Experimental Economics

If there are any questions on the classes or lectures, just drop me an email or book an office hour slot on my webpage.

Here are the relevant files for (some of) the seminars, I cannot guarantee that everything which I mentioned in class will be inside as well..

Disclaimer: note that these files are not exactly the answer sheet for the questions, but contain information which in my opinion are relevant to the answers as well as other stuff which might be interesting on its own, but perhaps not necessary in an answer. (Stuff from Daniel is in black, stuff from me is in red.)

Any mistakes are my own; please let me know if you do find any!

Seminar 2: Methodology and Design

Seminar 3: Expected Utility Theory and Heuristics

Seminar 4: Field Experiments

Seminar 5: Learning

Seminar 6: Big Data

Seminar 7: Trust and Altruism

Seminar 8: Mood Induction Experiments