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Luciana Nicollier

I finished my PhD and moved to Manchester Business School to take up a Lecturer Position (Assistant Professor).

My new email address is

Thesis Tittle: "Essays on Industrial Organization: The Role of Consumer-Generated Information"

Research Interests

Main Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Secondary Fields: Game Theory

Current Research

Customers' Complaints and Quality Regulation [Abstract] [Paper] [Job Market Paper]
Prices, Reviews and Endogenous Information Transmission [Abstract] [Paper]
Information and Energy Consumption. Evidence from UK [Abstact]


Professor Michael Waterson (PhD Supervisor)

Dr. Andres Carvajal (PhD Supervisor)

Dr. Daniel Sgroi

Professor Norman Ireland (Teaching References)


Mathematical Techniques B (EC123)
Statistical Techniques B (EC124)
Industrial Economics 1: Market Structure (EC208)
Industrial Economics 1: Strategic Behaviour (EC231)