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As of August 31st, 2017 Michael Mcmahon is no longer a current member of the department

Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics of business cycles
  • Monetary economics
  • Inventories
  • Applied econometrics.

Recent Publications

Publications or forthcoming papers

Hansen, Stephen and Michael McMahon (2015), First Impressions Matter: Signalling as a Source of Policy Dynamics”. Web Appendix. forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.

Hansen, Stephen and Michael McMahon (2015),Shocking Language: Understanding the macroeconomic effects of central bank communication”. Forthcoming, Journal of International Economics.

Hansen, Stephen, Michael McMahon and Carlos Velasco Rivera (2014), "Preferences or Private Assessments on a Monetary Policy Committee? " Web Appendix. Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2014.

Hansen, Stephen, Michael McMahon and Sorawoot Srisuma (2014), "Estimating Bayesian Decision Problems with Heterogeneous Expertise". forthcoming, Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Giavazzi, Francesco and Michael McMahon (2013)The Household Effects of Government Spending”, chapter in Fiscal Policy after the Financial Crisis, edited by Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi, University of Chicago Press.

Giavazzi, Francesco and Michael McMahon (2012) Policy Uncertainty and Household Savings”, The Review of Economics and Statistics, May 2012, Vol. 94, No. 2, Pages 517-531. Press coverage (in Italian)

McMahon, Michael (2010) "Comments on "Technology - Hours Redux: Tax Changes and the Measurement of Technology Shocks" by Karel Mertens and Morten Ravn". NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2010, edited by Richard Clarida and Francesco Giavazzi, Forthcoming from University of Chicago Press.

McMahon, Michael (2004) "Comments on 'Household saving and cohabitation' by Rob Alessie, Agar Brugiavini and Guglielmo Weber". Published in NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics; R. Clarida, J. Frankel, and F. Giavazzi, editors, 2004.



Slides on "A Primer on Text Mining for Economists" for a workshop given in Warwick in October 2015 - these build off slides originally compiled by my co-author Stephen Hansen (UPF) for a workshop we gave in the Bank of England (though Stephen can disavow this version of the slides if he now wishes).

An LDA analysis of MPs engagement with youth using twitter (Related to WPL project on this topic).

An article in The Economist written about my research with Stephen Hansen and Andrea Prat on FOMC transparency.

My talk at the Warwick Economics Summit on my research on monetary policy - The who and the how of monetary policy.

My views on research and teaching and the challenges of managing both in a research university - TEDxWarwick Talk, March 2011

The Economist Free Exchange blog by me on a euro-area funding for lending scheme (May 2013)

The Economist Free Exchange Blog by me on population and fiscal policy (December 2013)

An interesting visit of Nobel Prize winning physicist Carl Wieman to Dublin Institute of Technology - proof that good research and good teaching are not mutually exclusive. You can even view his lecture as a video. And yes, that Dr McMahon in the pictures is my father!