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EC108 Essays

The deadline for e-submission of the second essay is noon on Saturday March 17 (the last day of week 10).

The essay’s maximum length is 1,300 words, to include all footnotes, bibliography and references. For references use the Harvard system, with Name (Year) citations in the text (e.g. “McMahon (2011) states …”), with a full bibliography at the end.

Create your essay using Word or another word processor. Use portrait for the page orientation, with left and right margins of at least one inch or 2.5 cm, a standard (Times Roman, Arial, or Calibri) font, and a font size of 11 or 12 points. Ensure your graphs are clear and legible (including the axis annotations).

Please convert your completed essay to PDF. To name the file, use your tutor’s surname (so your file should be called “chavez.pdf”, “ding.pdf”, koutmerides.pdf”, “mandalinci.pdf”, or “sanclemente.pdf”). Finally, upload it below. The system will automatically add your ID number to the file name.
Remember to call your file “ClassTeacherSurname.pdf”
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