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Reading Group - Spring Term 2020/21


  1. Recorded lectures and lecture slides by David Silver can be found here
  2. Lecture notes on algorithms for reinforcement learning by Csaba Szepesvari can be found here (Select the option to download the notes as a PDF file)


The reading group shall meet online every Friday at 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. (GMT)

22/01/2021 Silver, Lecture 2 and Lecture 3 Puru Gupta
29/01/2021  Silver, Lecture 4 Hyun Seung Lee
05/02/2021  Silver, Lecture 5 Joe Jerome
12/02/2021 Implementation (Discussion) All
19/02/2021  Silver, Lecture 6 Ruiqi Liu
26/02/2021  Watkins and Dayan, Q-Learning Saul Jacka
05/03/2021  Silver, Lecture 7 Claudia Viaro
12/03/2021 Implementation (Policy Gradient)  All
19/03/2021  Silver, Lecture 8 Howard Su