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EC989 Seminars

As mentioned in class, I will upload here a structured and detailed set of solutions. I hope this will make things clearer and will aid you in understanding and preparing for the exam/essay. However, please keep in mind that these answers are based on my own reasoning and understanding. Hence, please exercise your own judgement on how closely to follow these solutions.

Seminars' topic
My Solutions
Seminar 1 - Prospect Theroy
  My own solutions - Seminar 1        
Seminar 2 - Present Bias & SWB
  My own solutions - Seminar 2        
Seminar 3 - Social Comparison & Social Preferences 
  My own solutions - Seminar 3        
Seminar 4 - Non Standard Beliefs & SWB/Macroeconomics 
  My own solutions - Seminar 4        

To make things clearer, I have also added the date of the latest version of my own solutions to the seminar questions (see pdf). Hence, in case I make a new version of the file (e.g., in case of typos or mistakes), this new version will be saved under the new date.

If you still have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me!