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Professor Vera E. Troeger

Replication Data

Not so Harmless After All: The Fixed-Effects Model, Political Analysis (2018), with Thomas Plümper

[replication files]

Fixed Effects Vector Decomposition: Properties, Reliability and Instruments: Political Analysis, 19 (2), 147-164. with Thomas Plümper

[files for MC simulations]

Why is There No Race to the Bottom in Capital Taxation? Tax Competition between Countries of Unequal Size, Different Levels of Budget Rigidities and Heterogeneous Fairness Norms: International Studies Quarterly, 53(3), 761-786. with Thomas Plümper and Hannes Winner

[replication files]

Fear of Floating and the External Effects of Currency Unions: American Journal of Political Science, 52(3), 656-676. with Thomas Plümper

[replications files]

War and the World Economy: Stock Markets Reactions to International Conflicts, 1990-2000: Journal of Conflict Resolution 50 (5), 623-646. with Gerald Schneider

[replications files eviews]

Democracy, Regulatory Reforms, and EU Enlargement: Evidence from a Heckman Selection Model: British Journal of Political Science 36(1), 17-38; with Thomas Plümper and Christina J. Schneider

[replication files]