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Professor Vera E. Troeger

Working Papers


De Facto Capital Mobility, Equality, and Tax Policy in Open Economies.

Truth is in the Limit, sometimes: Matching , Regression, and Causality: with Thomas Plümper

Fixed Effects Vector Decomposition for Multi-Level, Cross-Sectional Analysis: with Fred Boehmke

Monetary Policy Flexibility in Floating Exchange Rate Regimes: Currency Denomination and Import Shares.

Problematic Choices: Testing for Correlated Unit Specific Effects in Panel Data.

Strategic Budgeteering and Debt Allocation: with Christina J. Schneider.

Regional, Partisan and Sectoral Budgeteering in Germany: An Empirical Investigation.

Bridging the gap between strength and validity with IV-Loess: How to increase the efficiency of weak continuous instruments: with Elias Dinas

Stabilization Policies in a Post-Mundell-Fleming World: with David Soskice