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Yannick Dupraz

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Telephone: +44 (0)24 761 51085

Email: Y dot Dupraz at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.65

Office Hours: Wednesdays, 2pm - 4pm

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I am a CAGE postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Warwick. I received my PhD from Paris School of Economics. My research interests are economic history, development economics and political economy. I am an apllied economist working on economic development in the long run, and how various institutions can contribute to alleviate ot worsen inequalities of opportunity. This questioning had led me to work on education in developing countries, state building and the history of colonization in Africa, and social mobility in the United States in the 19th century.

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Curriculum Vitae



"French and British Colonial Legacies in Education: Evidence from the Partition of Cameroon" (submitted)

"The Effect of Women's Education on Polygyny: Schools, Matching and the Marriage Market in Cameroon" (with Pierre André)

Comparing student performance in Francophone and Francophone Cameroon (with Yasmine Bekkouche)

Language of Education and Learning Outcomes (with Rajesh Ramachandran)

Institutions & state capacity

"Fiscal Capacity and Dualism in Colonial States: The French Empire 1830-1962" (with Denis Cogneau and Sandrine Mesplé-Somps). Data appendix.

"African states and development in historical perspective: Colonial public finances in British and
French West Africa" (with Denis Cogneau and Sandrine Mesplé-Somps)

"Questionable Inference on the Power of Pre-Colonial Institutions in Africa" (with Denis Cogneau)

Regional favoritism and publi good provision in Sub-Saharan Africa (with Pierre Andre and Paul Maarek)

Social Mobility

"Fatherless: The Lond-Term Effects of Losing a Father in the U.S. Civil War" (with Andy Ferrara)