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My Econometric Softwares


  • Office: S.2.110,
    Department of Economics, University of Warwick,
    CV 4 7AL, UK
  • Email: helloyzz at gmail dot com
    Z dot Yan dot 4 at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Telephone: +44(0)7587088668


Econometric Softwares

Miscellaneous information

  • I practice Tai-chi and Xing-Yi (形意拳) at a good level. Some of my past videos of Martial Arts can be found here:
    [1], [2] (in Chinese)
  • I am a fan of Peking opera. The main role I played in Peking opera is the Jing (净).
  • My given name "Zizhong" is a two-syllable word (pronounced as "Zee" followed by "Jon"), and the family name is "Yan". My friends also call me Yan.