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IER newsletter - September 2015

IER Newsletter - September 2015

This month...

- IER welcomes new staff
- Events
- Publications
- New Projects

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IER welcomes two new researchers

IER is delighted to welcome two new members of staff this month:
Dr Erika Kispeter and Daria Luchinskaya.

Dr Erika Kispeter has joined IER as a Research Fellow after working at the University of Leeds and at the Central European University in Budapest. Erika has a background in Gender Studies and her main research interest is in how women’s working lives are shaped by welfare policies. She has been involved in a number of large-scale comparative European studies focusing on gender in/equality in national and local labour markets.

Daria Luchinskaya has joined IER as a Research Assistant on a part-time basis. She first came to IER as a PhD student in 2011. Daria's main research interests are graduate employment and use of skills at work, and labour market gender issues. She also holds a concurrent post as Early Career Fellow at the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study.


Workshop on aesthetic labour in the cultural industries

Chris Warhurst was invited to speak on aesthetic labour at the ‘Everyday Aesthetics’ workshop hosted by the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research 20-21 August. The focus of the workshop was the role of aesthetics in the cultural industries and it aimed to explore the relationship between everyday aesthetics and the practices and products of the cultural industries. Participants were drawn from Europe and North America and the full programme can be found here.

Anne Green at Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography

Anne Green attended the Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography 2015 at the University of Oxford on 20-22 August. Dr Paul Sissons (Coventry University) and Anne presented on 'Targeting Growth Sectors: Competitiveness and Inclusion'.

Projecting employment by ethnic group

David Owen and Anne Green presented a paper on 'Projecting UK employment by ethnic group between 2012 and 2022', at the British Society for Population Studies annual conference held at University of Leeds on 7-9 September.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

Deidre Hughes at ASET Annual Conference

Deirdre Hughes was an invited speaker at the Annual Conference 2015 of the Association of Sandwich Education & Training (ASET). Deirdre delivered a keynote on 'The value of employability skills and their development through partnerships' at the conference at Exeter University on 8 September 2015. Over 100 delegates attended this event from a wide range of higher education institutions. The conference programme can be found here.


IER contribution to CIPD report on graduate labour market

CIPD mismatch coverCharikleia Tzanakou and Daria Luchinskaya contributed to a recently published CIPD report entitled Overqualification and skills mismatch on the graduate labour market (August 2015). Charikleia and Daria collaborated with colleagues from the Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance (SKOPE) on this policy report. The researchers have subsequently published a related article online in The Conversation, see: Are non-graduate jobs 'upgrading' to give the graduates who do them more autonomy?

Study on student mothers in Higher Education and their early career outcomes published

New reports based on a Nuffield Foundation funded project entitled Tracking student mothers’ higher education participation and early career outcomes over time: initial choices and aspirations, HE experiences and career destinations have been published. The study's lead researcher, Clare Lyonette, has commented on the research on radio and it has been cited in the Times Higher, The Independent, tes, and the Nursing Times. Other members of the research team were: Gaby Atfield, Heike Behle and Lynn Gambin.

Details of the study and a number of reports are available here.

Book chapters

Bimrose, J. and Brown, A. (2015) Career decision making and career adaptability. In K. Maree and A.Di Fabio (Eds.) Exploring New Horizons in Career Counselling: Turning Challenge into Opportunities, pp. 249 - 262. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. ISBN Paperback: 9789463001526.

Warren, T. and Lyonette, C. (2015) ‘The quality of part-time work’, in Felstead, A., Gallie, D. and Green, F. (eds) Unequal Britain at Work. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Print ISBN-13: 9780198712848. DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198712848.001.0001.

Lyonette, C., Baldauf, B. and Behle, H. (2015) An Exploration of Quality Part-time working in Europe, with a focus on the UK case. In Connerley, M. L., & Wu, J. (Eds). Handbook on Well-Being of Working Women. The Netherlands: Springer and the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS). ISBN 978-94-017-9897-6.

New Projects

Evaluation of lifelong guidance system in Hungary funded by Consensus, Hungary

For more information on any of this or any other IER projects please get in touch.

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