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IER newsletter - January 2016

IER Newsletter - January 2016

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Prolonging working life through ICT: the role of crowdsourcing - Balance Network Seminar

The development of a fast and reliable internet, new technologies, new online payment systems and changes in work structure have driven a shift to new forms of labour exchange such as the outsourcing of work online or ‘crowdsourcing’. As part of the EPSRC funded Balance Network, this one day seminar will explore how crowdsourcing has changed the boundary between work and home, enabling older people to remain part of the labour force and perhaps achieve a new work-life balance. This will provide a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange between academics, policy-makers and key stakeholders in the industry around evaluating and supporting this opportunity to extend working lives through technology.

The interactive seminar, organised by Sally-Anne Barnes, will be held at the University of Warwick on 3 March 2016, please click here to register your interest. The seminar is free to attend.


Improving progression from low-paid jobs at city-region level

Anne Green has been working on a Joseph Rowntree Foundation project on ‘Jobs and Skills in the Leeds City region’ with Paul Sissons and Jennifer Ferreira (Coventry University), Kathryn Ray (Learning and Work Institute) and Ceri Hughes (New Policy Institute). Their report on ‘Improving progression on low-paid jobs at city-region level’ will be launched on the day of the ‘Better jobs, better business’ conference in Leeds on 10 March. This is a free event – for further details email

Cedefop Conference on Skills and Jobs

Terence Hogarth was involved in Cedefop’s 'Maximising skills for jobs and jobs for skills' conference, 7-8 December in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the event, Cedefop presented its new European Skills and Jobs (ESJ) survey and discussed results from its overall research agenda on skill mismatch. Details of the event are available here.

Careers guidance and preparation for working life

Jenny Bimrose attended an invitation only seminar on 9 December, organised by the Department for Education. This was to inform the new careers strategy that the Secretary of State and Minister, Sam Gymiah, is about to launch. The seminar identified gaps in knowledge for the Department's future research strategy in this area.

Embedding core maths in England

Deirdre Hughes recently chaired a Department for Education / Education Development Trust Senior Advisory Board meeting to review progress on embedding Core Maths within schools and colleges across England. She is working closely with Professor Paul Glaister, Reading University, who has recently published an article/blog on the Times Higher Education website.

Getting the right skills for work

Anne Green gave a presentation on 'Transitioning from Education to Employment' at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Business Breakfast 'Getting the right skills for work' event in central Birmingham on 20 January. Anne provided an overview of trends in the West Midlands labour market and highlighted some emerging findings from the ESRC-funded Paths2Work project. Other speakers were Paul Faulkner (President of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce), Mike Hopkins (Principal of South & City College Birmingham) and John Mortimer (CEO of the Angela Mortimer Group).

Developing the next generation of high level skills

Terence Hogarth chaired the Developing the Next Generation of High Level Skills in the UK forum hosted by inside government on 28 January at Hallam Conference Centre in London. The forum provided delegates a unique opportunity to discuss how to address the high level skills shortage through education and apprenticeships. Speakers from central government agencies spoke about meeting industry demand for high level skills and leading Higher and Further Education institutions presented best practice case studies on the most effective and innovative ways to work with industry to bring through the next generation of highly skilled talent.



Books and Chapters

Brown, A. and Bimrose, J. (2016). The Influence of Opportunity Structures in Shaping Individual Career Development. In T. V. Martin (Ed) Career Development: Theories, Practices and Challenges, New York: Nova.

Brown, A. (2016). The Role Of Career Adaptability And Flexible Expertise In Developing Individual Innovative Behaviour. In H. Shipton, P. Budhwar, P. Sparrow and A. Brown (Eds). Human Resource Management, Innovation and Performance, Chapter 16, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Green, A., de Hoyos, M., Barnes, S-A., Baldauf, B. and Behle, H. (2015). ICT, internet-enabled work and implications for space and entrepreneurship. In Mason, C., Reuschke, D., Syrett, S. and van Ham, M. (eds.) Entrepreneurship in Cities: Neighbourhoods, Households and Homes. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 58-79. (ISBN 978 1 78471 199 3)

Shipton, H., Budhwar, P., Sparrow, P. and Brown, A. (2016). Human Resource Management, Innovation And Performance: Looking Across Levels. In H. Shipton, P. Budhwar, P. Sparrow and A. Brown (Eds). Human Resource Management, Innovation and Performance, Chapter 1, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Sparrow, P., Shipton, H., Budhwar, P. and Brown, A. (2016). Conclusion: On Multiple Levels Of Analysis, Context, Contingency And Capital. In H. Shipton, P. Budhwar, P. Sparrow and A. Brown (Eds). Human Resource Management, Innovation and Performance, Chapter 21, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal articles

Green, A. and Livanos, I. (2015). 'Involuntary non-standard employment in Europe', European Urban and Regional Studies DOI: 10.1177/0969776415622257

Adam, D., Atfield, G. and Green, A. (2016). 'What works? Policies for employability in cities'. Urban Studies. DOI: 10.1177/0042098015625021

Other Publications

Deirdre Hughes and Jenny Bimrose submitted written evidence to the House of Commons, Joint Sub-Committee's Inquiry into Careers Advice, Information and Guidance. They highlight challenges and opportunities to mend a fragmented system across England working to improve the life chances of all young people. Their submission can be found here and Deirdre will provide oral evidence on behalf of IER to the Sub-Committee on 4 February.

Kate Purcell and Peter Elias had an article in The Conversation entitled ‘Does the UK have too many graduates?' on 22 December. See the article here.


New Projects

Midterm skills supply and demand forecast Order Form 6 funded by Cedefop

International policy and practice review: how do cities lead and inclusive growth agenda? funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

For more information on these or any other IER projects please get in touch.

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