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IER Newsletter-June 2019

IER Newsletter - June 2019

New report on cooperatives and social enterprises

A new report co-written for Eurofound by Peter Dickinson and Chris Warhurst examines cooperatives’ and social enterprises’ resilience to economic changes. Based on new research it highlights how the management practices of these organisations help sustain employment levels and deliver good jobs in the face of structural and cyclical economic changes.

Eurofound (2019), Cooperatives and social enterprises: Work and employment in selected countries, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.
(Image credit: Eurofound)

IER literature reviews commissioned as part of the Augar Review published

The Department for Education has published three IER literature reviews commissioned as part of the Review of post-18 education and funding. The Review, launched by the Prime Minister in February last year, was led by Philip Augar, and has meanwhile reported its findings.

Dickinson, P. (2019) Choices students make between different post-18 education routes. London: Department for Education

Baldauf, B. and Luchinskaya, D. (2019) Graduate choices in post-education jobs and careers – a literature review. London: Department for Education. London: Department for Education.

Hunt, W. and Atfield, G. (2019) The wider (non-market) benefits of post 18 education for individuals and society. London: Department for Education.
(Image credit: Lego Grad Student)

The future of 'digital skills'

A new report written by Erika Kispeter about the current and future demand for digital skills at the work has just been published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The report argues that digital skills should not be looked at in isolation from other skills, pointing to a need for ‘21st century skills’, especially interpersonal skills, cognitive competencies and learning strategies with creative use of digital skills becoming increasingly important.

DCMS (2019) What digital skills do workers need to succeed in the workforce in the next ten years? London: DCMS.

Clare Lyonette presents her research at the Community, Work and Family conference in Valletta, Malta

Clare Lyonette attended this year's Community, Work and Family Conference, held in Malta between May 22nd and 25th. Clare presented two papers, one focusing on the Forces in Mind Trust-funded project on self-employment among the Armed Forces Community: 'The transition to self-employment among military veterans – identifying class differences in success and failure’, and the other with Professor Tracey Warren from the University of Nottingham on their joint body of research on part-time employment: 'Poles apart? The impact of occupational class and hours of work on part-time job quality for women’.
(Image credit: Community, Work and Family conference website)