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IER newsletter - December 2013

IER Newsletter - December 2013

Welcome to the
December edition
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Latest publications

New IER Bulletin on migrant labour

The latest IER Bulletin (No. 104), entitled 'Impacts of migrant labour on ‘low skilled’ work in the construction and accommodation and food services sectors' is now available.
This Bulletin summarises the findings from a recent study undertaken by IER for the Home Office’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). The study examined the effects of migrant labour on the construction and accommodation and food service sectors.
The research was undertaken by Anne Green, Gaby Atfield and Duncan Adam (IER) and Teresa Staniewicz (Department of Sociology), University of Warwick with invaluable support provided by Amanda Kerry and Lynne Conaghan (IER).
In August 2013, IER were awarded funding by MAC to extend this work by looking at two further sectors of the UK economy: retail and care work.
Download full report: (Green et al. 2013)
Download our latest bulletin (104) and view our bulletin archive:

Higher level STEM Skills

Derek Bosworth, Clare Lyonette and Rob Wilson have been working on a project examining higher-level STEM skills in the UK and the UKCES has just published the final report online.
The report provides estimates of the supply of (employment plus an estimate of those seeking work in STEM occupations) and demand for (employment plus vacancies for STEM posts) STEM graduates. The results are primarily based on the Labour Force Survey, but many other sources of information are utilised, including a series of interviews with employers and other key stakeholders.
The measures of supply and demand are brought together for the UK, at the national level for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and at the level of the nine planning regions for England. The study examines the estimated historical and projected market imbalances for STEM.

Recent events

LMI for All presentation by Jenny Bimrose

Professor Jenny Bimrose presented at the annual Career Development Institute’s annual conference, in Stratford-upon-Avon on 8th November. Her presentation was entitled: LMI for All: a glimpse into the future.
LMI for All is an online data portal that is being developed by a consortium led by the Institute of Employment Research at the University of Warwick, commissioned by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Its purpose is to bring together existing sources of labour market information (LMI) so that these data can be used to inform career decisions. This workshop gave background to the development and presented examples of applications that have been developed from this source, providing tantalizing insights to the future shape and form of the LMI that could be used in careers guidance. For further information, go to:

Presentation to Peer Learning Event organised by CEDEFOP

Jenny Bimrose was also invited to present at a Peer Learning Event (PLE) organised by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) entitled: Guidance for immigrants: The labour market potential of diversity, in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 2 December 2013. Her presentation was entitled: Immigration: a case of skills mismatch?
The PLE is aimed at policy makers at European and national level; organisers/managers of guidance activities and practitioners. Issues addressed during the PLE included:
  • How can guidance help to ensure an equal treatment of EU native and third country citizens in access to education, training and the labour market, namely by providing reliable information, supporting the recognition of qualifications, validating previous experience and enabling citizens to autonomously pursue their careers; and
  • Which role can public services play in the (e.g. PES, immigrants’ offices) in enabling arriving citizens to identify and pursue their career aspirations in a competitive labour market.

Celebrating 40 years of using the LFS for skills assessment and forecasting

Rob Wilson took part in an ONS sponsored event on 28th November to celebrate 40 years of the Labour Force Survey. He gave a presentation showing how the LFS has been used in the Institute’s work on labour market assessment and forecasting since the late 1970s, culminating on the latest work on Working Futures 5, LMI for All and the Cedefop pan European skills projections.
Download presentation:
The programme for the event, The Labour Force Survey: past, present and future can be viewed at:
For more on the 40th birthday of the LFS see:

Other news

Nomination for Royal Economic Society Women's Committee

Lynn Gambin has been nominated for election as a Non-Professorial Member to serve on the Royal Economics Society Women's Committee. The RES is currently running an online poll in which two members will be elected to serve on the Committee for three years. All members of RES are eligible to vote. Lynn's profile can be found on
The RES Women's Committee was established in May 1996 to promote the role of women in the UK economics profession and members of the committee are drawn from academia, business and the civil service. The role of the committee includes a biennial investigation into the position of women in economics, to seek to improve under-representation of women in economics and to establish networks with particular concern for career entrants.

Upcoming event - IER welcomes a visit from Professor Hugh Lauder

Professor Hugh Lauder from Bath University will be visiting the IER in December. Professor Lauder will giving a workshop on: 'Knowledge Capitalism and the Debacle of Jobs and Skills’ to IER staff and students.
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