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IER newsletter - January 2014

IER Newsletter - January 2014
Welcome to the first IER Newsletter of 2014.
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PhD in Employment Research
IER is now receiving applications from students wishing to start on the PhD in Employment Research in October 2014. Potential applicants should note that the closing date for applications for the 2014 Chancellor's Scholarship is 13th January 2014.

Professor Anne Green at the Korea Labor Institute

Professor Anne Green was invited by the Korea Labor Institute to give an address on ‘Local Employment Policies in the UK: Review, Current Situation, and Prospects’ alongside speakers from Germany, Japan and Korea at a seminar on ‘Local Employment Policies in Advanced Countries: Review, Current Situation, and Prospects’ in Seoul on 3rd December 2013. The full seminar programme can be viewed here.
The context for a seminar of this topic is that local employment policies are recognised as an integral part of national job creation strategies in advanced countries. A recent surge of interest in local employment policies in Korea has attracted public attention to best practices and programmes from other countries. The seminar was designed to shed light on learning points from other countries with a view to developing Korean local employment policies. In connection with the seminar, Anne visited the Seoul Regional Job Center (Headquarters) on 4th December 2013.

IER labour market information research: making an impact

The Labour Market Information (LMI) impact case study produced by Professor Jenny Bimrose and others from IER is now available. The summary explains how IER research has resulted in new policy frameworks for systems design and delivery of careers services; and has informed professional development in careers policy, research and practice. The impact case study can be viewed on the Warwick Business School website:
For more on IER's research on guidance and careers:

Government analysis of graduate labour market uses IER classification system

A recent Office for National Statistics report, Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013, uses the IER classification system to understand developments in the graduate labour market. The classification system, developed by Peter Elias and Kate Purcell as part of their Futuretrack research project, distinguishes between graduate and non-graduate jobs and is used to analyse the type of jobs graduates enter after higher education. The ONS analysis shows that around half of graduates enter traditional graduate jobs however, the percentage entering lower level jobs has risen from 37% in 2001 to 47% in 2013, with the upward trend compounded by the economic downturn from 2008. For more on IER’s research on Higher Education and the graduate labour market, including the Futuretrack study, see:

Latest publications

An article by Barbara Janta, one of our PhD students, has recently been published.
Janta, B. (2013) Polish migrants' reproductive behaviour in the United Kingdom. Studia Migracyjne - Przeglad Polonijny, Vol. 3: 63 - 96.
For more on Barbara’s research into investigating migrants' childbearing decisions in the UK see:

An article co-authored by Professor Chris Warhurst, Director of IER, on the analytical framework used to examine the impact of graduates’ skills has been published in Work, Employment & Society.
James, S., Warhurst, C., Tholen, G. and J. Commander (2013) What we need to know about graduate skills. Work, Employment & Society 27(6): 952-963.
See Chris Warhurst's research profile

Presentations and conferences

Terence Hogarth took part in a Symposium on Employer Skills Surveys at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva on 22nd November 2013. The symposium brought together various experts from around the world to look at best practice in conducting surveys of employers to identify their skill needs.

Terence also delivered a presentation on IER’s research on green employment and skills at the Building our Green Future seminar held in London on 29th November 2013. The seminar also included presentations from Jean Lambert MEP, László Andor EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary, Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive, RenewableUK and Stephen Radley, Policy Director at EEF.
See Terence Hogarth's research profile
Professor Anne Green attended the Regional Studies Association's International Conference in Los Angeles in mid-December 2013. Anne, who is a long-term member of the Regional Studies Association, gave a presentation on the subject of 'Addressing skills deficiencies, attracting talent and migration policy changes'. Anne and other researchers at IER have undertaken and continue to undertake research on these issues.
See Anne Green's research profile
Heike Behle and Charikleia Tzanakou (IER PhD graduate) presented a paper on the transferability of skills within the European Higher Education Area at the annual conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education in Newport, Wales (11-13 December 2013). Many graduates have benefited from their mobility experience however, some encountered barriers to enter further study or employment in a different European country.

Heike also presented a paper entitled: ‘What do graduates from the UK do after migrating to other European countries? The early career of European Mobile Graduates’ at the 1st International Conference Higher Education and mobilities in Grenoble, France (19-20 December 2013). This paper finds that compared to graduates remaining in the UK, mobile graduates were less likely to work in Non-Graduate employment and more likely to work in strategist occupations. It also finds that the proportion of mobile graduates entering further studies is higher compared to those remaining in the UK after graduation.
See Heike Behle’s research profile
Bernard Casey spent a week in December 2013 in Australia participating at the first international workshop of the Monash-CSIRO Superannuation Cluster Project where he spoke about pension fund investment in infrastructure - some European experiences. He also visited the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, the University of Melbourne and a number of major Australian fund and asset managers.
See Bernard Casey's research profile


Clare Lyonette and colleagues launch an ESRC seminar seriesWork-life Balance in the Recession and Beyond’ with the first seminar (entitled ‘What is Work-Life Balance in a Time of Financial Crisis and Austerity?’) being held on Friday 17th January 2013 at Middlesex University. The seminars in this series will consider the implications of the economic environment for gender equality, health and well-being, care and care-giving, employment relations and workplace innovations. The third seminar, ‘Employment Relations and Workplace Innovations’ will be hosted at the University of Warwick and will be chaired by Clare (details to be confirmed).
See Clare Lyonette’s research profile

IER welcomes...

Professor Mark Savickas from the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University has accepted an invitation to be a Visiting Professor at IER and will be collaborating with the careers and learning team at IER on various innovations. Professor Savickas is an eminent international scholar in the field of careers counselling and guidance, having made many major contributions to innovation and the engagement of practitioners in the career development field. This is emblematic of the widely recognised distinction of Professor Savickas in all aspects of his field of expertise. We look forward to his visit later this year. See:

New IER Associate Fellows

Professor Rachel Mulvey, Associate Dean of the School in Psychology and Chair in Career Guidance at the University of East London and Dr Mike Rafferty from the School of Business at the University of Sydney, have both joined IER as Associate Fellows. For more information:
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