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Regional/National Dimension

Key statistics

  • The biggest proportion of all employment is in East Midlands (2.5% in 2008).
  • The smallest proportion of all employment is in London (1.1% in 2008).
  • The distribution of employment in the automotive retail sector broadly reflects the size of regional populations.
  • England has declined in 4.7% employees between 1997 and 2008.
  • Scotland has declined in 15.2% in the same period
  • Northern Ireland has increased the number of employees by 26% in the same period.
  • At the English regional level the greatest declines since 1997 have been seen in Yorkshire and Humberside (-20.4%) and the East of England (-19.3%). The East Midlands has seen the greatest increases at 17.2%.

Source: IMI Workforce Profile 2009