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Greater London has the smallest proportion of a region’s employment in the automotive retail sector. This is probably a reflection of the high capital costs for automotive businesses, especially the high cost of land and premises, together with the competitive labour market.

More generally, London is characterised by a greater share of total employment accounted for by males than in any other region of the UK. This is significant for the retail motor industry, given the already high gender imbalance that has been evidenced.

Managerial occupations are a significant part of the automotive retail sector’s occupational profile. With the ‘professionalisation’ of London’s employment structure, large projected increases in professional occupations and managers and employment of senior officials are expected. London has small shares of employment in skilled trade occupations and machine & transport operatives. These occupations are projected to decline, which may have significant implications for the retail motor industry, given that there are more people employed in skilled trade occupations than any other occupational group.

Sources: Automotive Skills SSA Stage 1 – UK 2006a and Automotive Skills SSA Stage 1 – England 2006a