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North East

There are an estimated 20,924 employees in the North East automotive retail sector. There are more than 2,000 businesses in the region of which 86% of the businesses have less than 10 employees.

The region expects to see a 3% increase in businesses and is keen to recruit young people to meet the growing demand for skills. Many establishments in the North East also need to grow staffing levels to replace staff who are retiring and recruit more people to cover a variety of job roles.

The population of the North East is projected to remain relatively stable with the working age population increasing slightly over the period to 2014. The labour force is projected to grow, but only at a rate of 0.2% per annum, which is below the UK average.

The North East is projected to experience the slowest growth in employment of any region in England. Sales and customer service occupations, and professional occupations are forecast to have the largest projected expansion demands over the next decade, which is significant for the automotive retail sector. Elementary occupations and skilled trade occupations dominate expected job losses. However, total requirements are positive.

Source: IMI Workforce Profile 2009, NECC/CIB 2007, Automotive Skills SSA Stage 1 – UK 2006a and Automotive Skills SSA Stage 1 – England 2006a