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North West

There is an estimated 69,648 people employed in the automotive retail sector, which accounted for 1.8% of all regional jobs. 16% of the workforce were employed part-time and around 2,000 people were self-employed (4%). 75% of employees in the sector were male.

At a sub-regional level, Greater Manchester has the highest level of employment in automotive sales and repair in the region and the highest number of businesses in that sector (2,800). Towns and cities with the largest volume of employment are Trafford, Warrington, Stockport, Liverpool and Manchester. The highest proportion of total employment in automotive sales and repair are in Carlisle, Vale Royal, Chorley, Allerdale and Eden.

There are approximately 8,000 automotive sales and repair businesses in the North West, the majority of which employ less than 10. Automotive sales and repair businesses comprise 4.4% of businesses in Lancashire and 3.7% in Cheshire and Warrington, and Cumbria.

Despite small increases in the North West population levels, the labour force is expected to increase over the period to 2014. The North West region is projected to suffer job losses in administrative, clerical and secretarial occupations, skilled trade occupations, machine and transport operatives plus elementary occupations. All other occupations are expected to see job gains. This reduction in the number of skilled trade occupations is a concern for the automotive retail sector.

There will be around 39,000 job opportunities in this sector over the period to 2010, as an estimated 42,000 people will leave their jobs or retire.

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