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  • 43% of employers in Wales are alarmed at the low level of literacy and numeracy of new entrants. 36% North Wales, 50% South Wales
  • 80% of firms employ no women outside of administrative roles. Those that do, only employ a small percentage. 80% North Wales, 80% South Wales
  • 15% of firms have employees from ethnic minority groups working in technical roles. 7% North Wales, 23% South Wales
  • 20% of firms stated they employ migrant workers at present. 30% North Wales, 10% South Wales
  • 78% of employers need their craft workforce to be trained to Level 3. 80% North Wales, 76% South Wales
  • A number of employers in Wales have identified a need for skills in team work and communication.
  • 58% of employers did not train their supervisory or management staff – this may be impacting adversely on productivity. 70% North Wales, 47% South Wales
  • Some firms mentioned prefabrication, Continuing Professional Development, IT skills, health and safety and practical skills as needed skills.
  • However, 73% of employers did not foresee any future skills development requirements for their company. 73% North Wales, 74% South Wales

Source: Summit Skills 2005 Future Skills Sector Skills Survey 2005, The dawn of a new era for building services engineering skills Sector Skills Agreement Wales final report 2008 and Skills Priorities and Challenges for the Building Services Engineering Sector in Wales 2010