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Links and Sources

Cogent reports and publications

Cogent AACS LMI report (2010)

Nuclear LMI Highlights (June 2009)

Nuclear Review (June 2009)

Cogent Sector Annual Business Inquiry Trend Data 1997-2006 (Facts and figures reference) 

Skills for Science Industries: Skills at Work September (2008)

Cogent industry factsheets (2008):

National and regional LMI factsheets (2008)

Northern Ireland Sector Skills Needs Assessment (2008)

Cogent Sector Skills Needs Assessment (2006)

The Skill Needs Assessment also has the following industry reports:

Useful websites

Cogent is an independent, employer-led organisation and is Sector Skills Council for the science industries, including: oil and gas; chemicals; pharmaceuticals; petroleum; polymer; and nuclear industries. The website has information on each of the Cogent industries linked to news about the industries and labour market information.

The Cogent Careers website has detailed information on each of the industries in the sector and includes information on: the industry; career paths; a day in the life of…; frequently asked questions; and useful links.