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Regional/National Dimension

The North West of England is the largest employing nation/region, with a particular emphasis on textile production. In terms of specific sub-sectors, the East Midlands is the largest area for the leather and footwear sub-sector, whilst London for apparel and sewn products.

Skills issues differ between nation and region with London and the North West reporting the highest incidence of skills shortages, whilst the West Midlands report the highest proportion of skills shortage vacancies.

In terms of skills deficiencies by occupation, the North West and Yorkshire and Humber report needs within textiles process roles, whilst sampling, pattern cutting and grading are priorities in the East Midlands and London. Laundry operations were identified in the South East as a priority area.

Scotland’s Lowlands and Highlands, whilst reporting similar skills shortages and gaps within occupations, have very different processes in which these occupations operate.

Source: Strategic Skills Assessment for the Fashion and Textiles Sector in UK 2010