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East of England

There are 63,700 people in the sector workforce in the region, representing 9% of the UK sector workforce. 37% of the workforce is self-employed. 66% of the workforce is male. 95% of the sector workforce is white and 46% are under 40 years.

Sector employment in the East of England has grown by 28% since 2006, compared with 9% across the UK sector.

There are 6,710 creative businesses in the region, of which 93% employ less than 50 people. 53% of businesses have a turnover of less than £100,000. 13% of businesses experienced difficulty recruiting, 71% reported applicants lacked skills and experience, 31% had few or no applicants and 29% had skills gaps.

Source: Creative & Cultural Skills AACS LMI report 2010 and Creative Blueprint – East of England 2009