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East Midlands

Within the East Midlands region approximately 35,700 people work in the energy and utilities sector. This represents 8% of the total energy and utilities workforce in England. There are also 5,150 energy and utilities businesses based within the region

26% of the energy and utility workforce in the East Midlands is female, compared with 43% of the region’s entire workforce. Across the industries:

  • 29% of the power workforce is female
  • 30% of the upstream gas workforce
  • 17% of the waste management workforce
  • 29% of the water workforce

94.3% of the regional workforce is White, with just 5.7% from other ethnic groups. While still below the average for all sectors, there is a higher percentage of black or minority ethnic employees in the East Midlands energy and utilities sector than across the UK as a whole. The qualifications profile of the regional energy and utilities workforce is very similar to the UK average, with just 1% less employees holding Level 3 and above qualifications than the UK average.

12.4% of existing regional energy and utilities employers believe that at least some of their current workforce has skills gaps, including oral communication, written communication and team working skills.

Source: Energy & Utility Skills Sector Skills Agreement Stage 1 2006 and Energy & Utility Skills Sector Skills Agreement Stages 1-3 Summary Report – East Midlands