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North East

Within the North East region approximately 28,100 people work in the energy and utilities sector. This represents just 6.5% of the total energy and utilities workforce in England, and is the smallest regional share of the workforce in England. There are also 2,080 energy and utilities businesses based within the region.

26% of the energy and utility workforce in the North East is female, compared with 45% of the region’s entire workforce. Across the industries:

  • 32% of the power workforce is female
  • 30% of the upstream gas workforce
  • 20% of the waste management workforce
  • 20% of the water workforce

99.1% of the regional workforce are classified is White, with just 0.9% from other ethnic groups.

35.5% of existing regional energy and utilities employers believe that at least some of their current workforce has skills gaps, including technical, practical and job specific skills, team working skills and problem solving.

Employers in this region also have concerns regarding management and leadership skills, connecting with young people through schools, and the development of qualifications and frameworks.

Source: Energy & Utility Skills Sector Skills Agreement Stage 1 2006 and Energy & Utility Skills Sector Skills Agreement Stages 1-3 Summary Report – North East