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Links and Sources


      FSSC research and publications

      These sources provide information on FSSC research, focusing on skills gaps and shortages, skills provision and labour market trends in the financial services sector.

      The Skills Bill - The Skills Bill is the Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) for UK financial services. The FSSC has reported on the first three parts of the SSA which examine the sector’s skills needs now and in the future, the extent to which they are met by existing provision, and the gaps between what employers want and what the labour market and training providers can offer.

        Careers information websites and resources

        These websites offer careers information, advice and guidance to jobseekers hoping to enter the industry through academic or vocational education as well as experienced staff seeking information on career paths in financial services.

        FSSC qualifications and careers website – FSSC resource for jobseekers and learners in the industry

        Sector specific awarding bodies
        Below are a number of links to organisations that design and offer qualifications in financial services. Many are professional bodies that represent their members and promote professionalism in their sectors. Awarding bodies typically provide information on qualifications, professional development and career paths.