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North West

  • the majority of the workforce in the region are employed in banking and insurance brokering
  • there are 28,387 people employed in the region
  • accounts for 7% of GVA and 10% of employment in the sector
  • average earnings are £26,538 per annum
  • there are more females (17,700) in the sector workforce than males (10,678)
  • 8,600 people working in the sector are aged 16-24 years, 16,000 25-44 years, 6,300 45-54 years and 900 54 years plus
  • there are significantly more people in financial services in the region working full-time than part-time, plus employed people than self employed – this is representative of the entire sector

Source: FSSC LMI report 2009 and FSSC The Skills Bill: England 2008