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Mineral water and soft drinks

The UK manufacture of mineral waters and soft drinks sub-sectro covers: aerated water; carbonated soft drinks; non-alcoholic cider; cola; cordial; cream soda; energy drinks; fruit cordial; fruit drinks; fruit squash; fruit syrup; ginger beer; hop bitters; ice (for human consumption); lemonade powder; lemonade; flavoured milk drinks; milk shake base; mineral water bottling and production; orangeade; shandy; soda water; soft drinks; squash drinks; table water; tonic water and water bottling.

There are many well-known companies, such as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Britvic and Princes Soft Drinks.

The sub-sector employs 11,400, in around 300 workplaces. It represents 3% of those employed in Great Britain’s food and drink manufacturing sector and 31% of the beverages (covering beer and soft drinks) sector. 5% of businesses employ 200 or more staff, 61% employ 10 or less staff.

Jobs in the sub-sector range from: quality assurance manager, drinks manager; multi-skilled managers, off trade key account channel executive, warehouse operative

Workforce statistics:

  • 76% of the workforce is male.
  • 99% of the workforce is white and 1% is Asian or Asian British.
  • 27% of the workforce is aged 25-29 years, 18% is 35-39 years and 18% is 45-49 years.
  • 33% of the current workforce will be eligible for retirement within the next 20 years.
  • 5% of the workforce has some form of disability.
  • 37% of the workforce has a degree or equivalent qualification, 9% a Higher Education qualification, 20% A levels or equivalent, 25% GCSE or equivalent, 7% has other qualifications and 36% has no qualifications
  • 95% of the workforce is employed full-time.

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Mineral water and soft drinks workforce by region, 2000 and 2007


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Occupational profile of the mineral water and soft drinks workforce, 2008


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