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Links and Sources

Skills for Health research and publications

Skills for Health regional skills and labour market intelligence briefings (2009):

Skills for Health online intelligence tool

The Labour Market and Policy Tool provides access to a wide range of employment, skills, training and demographic statistics related to the health sector. The Skills for Health online intelligence tool allows the user to interrogate statistics on health sector employment, skills, labour demand, training and demographics. Data searches can be undertaken by geogrpahy and sector.

Data within the Tool is available for the UK as a whole and by country (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), region and health boundary, and your selection can be customised by sector (Skills for Health, NHS, Independent and Voluntary) and labour market and policy theme. The outputs can be displayed as tables, charts and exported into Excel.

Data sources

Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (Northern Ireland)

  • Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Vacancies as at March 2009
  • HSC Workforce Census (2008)

ISD Scotland

  • NHS Vacancy data (2008)
  • NHS Scotland Workforce Information (2008 & 2009)

NHS Information Centre

  • NHS Vacancy Survey(2009),
  • NHS Workforce Census (2008)

Stats Wales

  • NHS Vacancy Survey (2009)
  • NHS Workforce Census (2008)

Useful websites

Skills for Health – This is the website for the Sector Skills Council for Health. The organisation aims to develop the skills of the UK workforce and to link with major workforce development initiatives. The website has a range information including:

Skills for Health has published a guide Careers in healthcare - A guide to working in the independent healthcare sector which provides useful information for those who want to start or progress a career in the independent healthcare sector.

NHS Careers – This website was commissioned by the Department of Health and launched in 1999 provides information about nursing and midwifery, doctors, allied health professionals, health care science, managers, health informatics and others. It covers general information about the work itself, case studies, entry requirements, skills requirements, pay and printed career leaflets on request. The website also contains a job portal with job search criteria covering occupation, location and salary, and has a link to NHS employers.

NHS Employers – This website is aimed at employers and is part of the NHS confederation. It contains a range of policy and practice documents.

Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) – The CfWI is the new national authority on workforce planning and development providing advice and information to the NHS and social care system.

NHS Jobs and NHS Professionals – These are the main websites for NHS jobs in England and Wales. Employers across the NHS advertise the vast majority of their jobs on these websites.

Skills Academy for Health – This academy works with partners to help employers, individuals and training providers to establish and resolve their workforce needs in the health care sector.