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  • The whole ‘tourism economy’ accounts for approximately 8% of England’s economic output (£94 billion in 2007), and 156 million tourist trips to England in 2008 added £38 billion of spending to the economy.
  • The sector as a whole is a significant employer across England, particularly in areas highly dependent on tourism, such as London and the South West. In total, the sector provides employment for approximately 1.6 million people.
  • 17% of the workforce is aged between 16-19 years, many of whom are also in full-time education. A further 28% of the workforce is aged between 20-29 years.
  • Whilst less than 1% of sector businesses are large (employing more than 250 people), 48% of the workforce work for these large businesses. 70% of sector businesses are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). 49% of the workforce work for SMEs. 29% of all businesses are owner operated without staff.
  • 56% of the workforce is female, but few work in senior positions within the sector.
  • Those working in the sector in London are far more likely to have been born overseas in than those working in the sector in other parts of England.
  • 87% of the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism workforce in England describe their ethnicity as white.

Source: England Sector Skills Assessments 2010