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Pub, bar and nightclub industry

Pubs and bars provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They may also provide snacks or food. Who, or what, own the pubs and bars are important:

  • Managed houses – include those that are owned by a brewery and employ salaried staff who manage and work in the outlet, and those owned by pub companies
  • Tenanted or leased pubs – these are owned by the brewery, but are occupied by licensees who pay rent to the brewery and agree to take their supply of beer
  • Freehouses – these are owned and managed by the licensee and deal with a number of different suppliers and brewers

Nightclubs primarily offer a place to listen to music and dance for an admission fee. Drink and food are offered as additional services.

The ownership structure of the pub, bar and nightclub industry is complex. Whilst in the past, pubs were predominately owned by breweries, now the majority are leased or tenanted from breweries or pub companies. The British Beer and Pub Association estimate that the top twenty pub groups account for more than half of all outlets.

Most nightclubs are independently run. Some are operated by ‘leisure’ groups who may operate bars and restaurants.

Key facts:

  • There are 332,700 people working in the pubs, bars and nightclubs industry, with around 59,100 employers.
  • 56% of the workforce is female.
  • 95% of the workforce is white and 5% from Black Ethnic Minority groups.
  • 20% of the workforce is aged 16-19 years, 38% 20-29 years, 12% 30-39 years, 15% 40-49 years and 14% is 50 years and older.
  • 16% of the workforce has an NVQ Level 4 or above qualification.
  • The majority of the workforce has a NVQ Level 2 qualification (26%).
  • 13% of the workforce has no qualifications.
  • 43% of the workforce is employed full-time.
  • The vast majority (69%) of those working in the pub, bar and nightclub industry work in elementary occupations while 16% are classified as managers.

Source: People 1st LMI Report (March 2010) and Pubs, bars and nightclubs industry profile 2009