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Equal Opportunities


44% of the justice workforce is female. Women are underrepresented in the Justice sector, making up 44% of the Justice workforce compared to 46% of the whole economy. The nature of Justice sector occupations means that women tend to be clustered in support staff roles and in community justice rather than frontline roles such as Police Officers or Prison Officers. The proportion of women in the workforce tends to reduce as roles increase in seniority.

Source: Skills for Justice LMI March 2010


The age distribution shows that there are fewer at either end of the age scale:

  • Only 8% aged 16-24 years
  • 13% 55 years and over

Certain key roles in the Justice sector, like police and prison officers, have an age limit of 18 years and 30 year retirement schemes can create a lack of younger and older workers.

Those in the justice sector tend to be grouped in the ‘prime age’ ranges: 55% are aged 25- 44 years, compared with 47% across the whole economy.

Source: Skills for Justice LMI March 2010 based on Skills for Justice LMI Matrix 2007-8


93% of the workforce is from white ethnic groups, compared with 91% of UK workforce as a whole.

Source: Skills for Justice LMI March 2010