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East of England

The East of England has 6 police forces that employ approximately 22,000 officers, staff and specials, approximately 9% of the police service. The six forces are: Bedfordshire; Cambridgeshire; Essex; Hertsfordshire; Norfolk; and Suffolk.

Within these forces, there is nearly 500 full-time equivalent forensic staff. Commercial providers in the region include: forensic science Service; and Keith Borer Consultants Ltd.

There are 10 Drug Actions Teams, 6 Probation establishments and 10 Youth Offending Teams operating in the region.

The region has 51 Courts, of which 33 are Magistrates’ Courts, 5 Crown and 13 County Courts, that employ 1,650 full-time equivalent staff.

The East of England has 13 prisons operated by HM Prison Service, which employ approximately 4,440 full-time equivalent staff. In addition, there are 3 privately operated prisons.

The East of England has 6 fire and rescue services.

The East of England has 6 area offices that employ 610 full-time equivalent staff. The offices are: Bedfordshire; Cambridgeshire; Essex; Hertfordshire; Norfolk; and Suffolk.

Source: Skills for Justice LMI March 2010