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London has 2 police forces that employ approximately 54,000 officers, staff and specials, approximately 22% of the police service. The forces are:

  • City of London
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Additionally 3,100 police officers, staff and specials in the British Transport Police work throughout London.

Within these forces, there is over 1,000 full-time equivalent forensic staff. Commercial providers in the region include: forensic science Service; LGC Forensics; Berkeley Security Bureau (Forensic) Ltd.; Scientifics Ltd.

There are 33 Drug Actions Teams, 1 Probation establishment and 32 Youth Offending Teams.

London has 68 Courts, of which 38 Magistrates’ Courts, 12 Crown and 18 County Courts. They employ 5,450 full-time equivalent staff.

There are 7 prisons operated by HM Prison Service in London, which employ approximately 6,040 full-time equivalent staff. In addition, there are 3 privately operated prisons.

London has one fire and rescue service, the London Fire Brigade.

London has 2 Area Offices, which together employ approximately 2,160 full-time equivalent staff, making it the largest CPS region. Additionally, the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office employs 323 staff, which is split between London and Manchester.

Source: Skills for Justice LMI March 2010