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Education and Training

  • The sector workforce is poorly qualified, as 46% do not have a level 2 qualification, a much higher proportion than the all-sectors figure of 30%.
  • 13% of the workforce has no qualifications.
  • Only 17% of the workforce is qualified to degree level or above (level 4), which is much lower than whole economy of 33%.
  • 12% of the workforce has ‘other qualifications’.

Source: Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Assessment 2010


Over the last 12 months, companies in the sector report that staff have undertaken a variety of training, including: mandatory (75%); discretionary training at full cost (51%); and publicly funded training (6%). The main reason for providing training was to ensure staff could do their job or to comply with legislation.

The sector generally undertakes training with local training providers or specialist logistics providers, with bite-sized non-accredited courses favoured. For example, of the 682,500 employees that had received training in the previous 12 months, only 16 trained towards a nationally recognised qualification.

46% of the companies that participated in the Skills for Logistics survey had provided some form of training in the previous 12 months for staff members. Size of company is a key factor in the likelihood of training taking place. Evidence shows that 41% of companies with fewer than 10 employees provided training, while 83% of those with more than 200 employees did so. This is significant in a sector dominated by small businesses.

Sources: Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Assessments 2010, Skills for Logistics Employer Survey 2009 and Skills to Survive Report 2009

Qualification level of the logistics workforce, 2008


Source: Logistics Sector Skills Assessment 2009, Figure 1. Data derived from the Annual Population Survey 2008.

Qualification profile of the logistics workforce by sub-sector, 2008


Source: Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Assessment 2010, table 6. Data derived from Annual Population Survey 2008.