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Regional/National Dimension

The greatest proportion of employment in the logistics sector is located in the South East (15%), an area that serves a number of major airports (Heathrow and Gatwick) as well as ports (Dover and Southampton). The North West employs 11% of the total workforce. Northern Ireland and the North East have the fewest number of workers (48,100 and 81,400 respectively).

Overall the characteristics of the workforce are similar across the nations and regions. With the exception of London which employs the greatest proportion of women (31%), people from Black Minority Ethnic groups (41%) and has the highest qualified workforce. Northern Ireland has the fewest young people working in the sector (5%).

Companies in London are more likely to report skills gaps, while Yorkshire and Humber report the least. Lack of experience or being recently recruited is the main cause of skills gaps across the board.

Source: Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Assessment 2010 and Skills for Logistics AACS LMI report 2010